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Aubit Computing Ltd. uses its team of highly experienced software developers to deliver custom IT solutions to a wide range of clients around the world.

By maintaining cutting-edge skills in Unix, Linux and Open-Source software, we strive to find the best technology to meet each customer's specific requirements, and follow strict software engineering principles to deliver robust solutions, on-time, and on-budget.
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Aubit 4GL

All the latest developments, and planned developments in the world of Aubit4GL.


 :: Services
Custom Software Development
  Whether your project involves the construction of a shell script, small business application, a web-site for 150,000 customers, or an operating system for a new computer chip, we have all the necessary skills ... in-house.
  We insist that all senior consultants have a minimum 10 years commercial experience in software development, with proven skills in business analysis, systems analysis, and project management, ideally placing us to offer real world, real value advice on any IT related issue.
  Solutions & Support
We can provide Support and training (onsite if required) for all our products including Aubit4GL, as well as Linux, PostgreSQL and Informix™ (SQL/4GL/SE/Online). Also, as we have been in the Open-Source development community for over 6 years, and have been using Linux for our internal systems since 1995, our range of knowledge allows us to offer installation and setup support for most OpenSource software.
 :: Latest Software Releases
>> 31 Dec 2022 -Aubit4GL Source
>> 22 Sep 2022 -Aubit4GL Linux Binary
>> 22 Sep 2022 -Aubit4GL Windows Binary
>> 22 Sep 2022 -Aubit4GL Manual
>> 22 Sep 2022 -Aubit4GL Quick Reference
The Aubit4GL project is hosted onSourceForge
 :: News...
>>28 Oct 2012 -Eric Vercelletto has written an interesting paper about the future of Informix 4GL and the associated alternatives

Read it here

>>28 Oct 2012 -Michael Krauss has kindly written up some quick notes on running PDFLib version 8 with Aubit4GL. The main issue seems to be that PDFLib8 is compiled using g++


>>28 Oct 2012 -Lisbon Roadshow - Just a quick thank you to those who arranged and attended the Aubit4GL roadshow in Lisbon last week!

>>28 Oct 2012 -
Announcing FGLLint - our tool to check your 4gl code for common mistakes, coding errors and performance issues.
This is incredibly useful for both inhouse development and to check the compliance to coding standards of outsourced developments!


>>28 Oct 2012 -Daniele Madrigali from HID in Italy has kindly written up some notes
on how he got Aubit4GL to talk to Oracle


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