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Aubit 4GL compiler is software that translates x4GL programming language into executable programs, enabling fast and productive creation of database oriented applications utilizing 4GL with embedded SQL and C programming languages, using ODBC and native connections to databases, and GTK+ for GUI, or Ncurses for CUI, and HTML/JavaScript for web browser presentation layers.

One of crucial prerequisites to enter corporate IT space, for any platform, is availability of business oriented applications. They depend on availability of commercial grade databases, and programming tools needed to develop business oriented, database applications.

OpenSource software in general made a big progress in that direction, but OpenSource tools required to write this kind of applications productively, are still in short supply. In traditional corporate IT space, Fourth Generation Languages are important part of IT structure, and low-level programming languages, including Third Generation Languages like C or Java, are still a long way from productivity and maintainability required for daily changing business need. But there are very few, if any, OpenSource Fourth Generation Languages available. Aubit 4gl compiler project is an attempt to fill this gap.

Our ultimate goal is to provide compiler, tools, documentation, code libraries, and complete 4GL applications available to x4GL developers under OpenSource development model, and GNU/GPL license. If you are developer using ANY x4GL compiler, Aubit 4gl project is a place to be.

Commercial Support

Aubit Computing Ltd offers a range of commercial support packages for Aubit4GL.
Please contact us for details.

Development Services

Aubit Computing Ltd offers a range of development services for the Aubit4GL product, including
  • Custom development of Aubit4GL.
    (For example - the Logical Reports, dbaccess clone and SPERFORM clone were written as custom developments.)
  • Application development using Aubit4GL.
  • Special licensing terms
Please contact us for details.

Quick links:

Latest Stable Builds (MARS builds)

Binary builds
Stable source

Parser Technology

Aubit Computing Ltd utilises the Aubit4GL parser to extract information from 4GL code. This can be used to:

   Generate C# (ie. For converting 4GL to .Net)

   Generate PHP

   Generate SPL code (Informix and Postgresql).

   Convert Informix SPL functions to Postgresql 'plpgsql' functions

   Convert Informix ACE reports to 4GL

   Convert Informix sPERFORM screens to 4GL

   Generate metrics: LOC, cyclomatic complexity, Comment % etc

   Static calltrees

   Detailed and extensive 4gl code checking with our fgllint tool

Please contact for further details

Aubit4GL FAQ

The faq is available here

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