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Works with Informix4GL™ and Aubit4GL code!

FGLCalltree is a tool to provide indepth analysis of the structure of your 4GL code.

It works by analysing all of the CALLs made between all of the functions and outputs an XML file describing all the links. It also lists all of the conditionals involved in making that call - so its easy to see which conditionals must have been met in order for a call to have been made.

This means that you can :

  • Simplify the impact analysis when changing a function (ie. you know exactly what needs to be retested).
  • Identify edge cases for thorough application testing.
  • Identify 'orphaned' functions
  • Help developers with debugging by showing possible routes for a function to call

A full viewer is provided for viewing the generated XML for, or for simpler applications - you can generate a GIF, PNG, or PDF graphical representation of your calltree. You can obviously also use the XML via XSLT to generate your own custom output.
 :: Watch the demo video

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