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 :: FGLLint - Review,Detect,Enforce
Works with Informix4GL™ and Aubit4GL code!

FGLLint from Aubit Computing Ltd is a tool designed to do indepth analysis of 4GL applications to:

    1) Check code for bad practice
    2) Detect unused code (dead code and unused functions)
    3) Find hard to detect bugs
    4) Enforce coding standards
    5) Identify performance issues
    6) Provide an easy to use mechanism for viewing these errors

 :: Watch the demo video

Introduction Demo
Stores Demo

 :: Highly configurable
    All warnings are assigned a custom severities, this allows you to ignore warnings that you are not concerned about. You can also add tags to your 4GL code to allow you to ignore previously generated warnings.

 :: Portable
    Uses Aubit4GL parser technology, already ported to Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Solaris, HPUX.

 :: Flexible
    FGLLint can be tailored to enforce your own coding standards! Adding more warnings can be done by some simple changes to the code Coding Standards. The tool can even be built in as part of a sourcecode control system.

 :: Outsourced development ?
    Make sure the code you get back complies to your coding standards.

 :: Inhouse development - Save time, save money
    Save literally days of effort tracking down each of your hard to find bugs!
 :: Flexible output
    Output warnings as Text, UNL or XML format

 :: FGLLint Viewer - New!

Windows application makes it much easier for generating and viewing lint warnings

 :: Testimonials

Here are some comments from our users :
    "Many, many programs has reduce the amount of lines, some up to the half!"
    "One program with a memory corruption error (no reported, no being able to reproduce) after triming all code flaged by fgllint, was faster and no error any more"
    "Some programs where reported by the user as aborting 'under certains circustances'  and when tried to reproduce here was not found. With lint we found them!"
    "Many modules use define .. like ..., the column of the table was altered from integer to char, a lot of 'MADMATH' was detected and fixed."

"In my opinion fgllint is an awesome product. It has allowed us to greatly reduce the time it takes to conduct code audits. With it we can ensure that standard coding practices are followed. It not only helps find flagrant errors, but also finds potential errors. Examples of hard to find flagrant errors include mix type expressions. Examples of potential errors include dead code, unused cursors, unused labels, mixed usage of RETURN in a function, etc... Because of fgllint's ability to expose both flagrant and potential errors we are integrating it into our regular system build to ensure our internal software is of the highest quality possible. For harder to find errors fgllint companion product fgllintviewer.exe is an excellent choice. Written in C# it is highly portable compatible with both .Net 2.0 and Mono 2.4. It has a fully functional GUI with all the abilities a programmer would expect in a source code analyzer. And since fgllint provides all the information fgllintviewer.exe needs neither original source code or database connection is needed. Hence any device able to run .Net executables can be used to review source.

In my opinion no 4GL programmer's toolkit is complete without fgllint and fgllintviewer.exe.

Paul Falbe
IT Director
Cassens Transport"


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