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Whether your project involves the construction of a shell script, small business application, a web-site for 150,000 customers, or an operating system for a new computer chip, we have all the necessary skills ... in-house.

We are able to code projects in 4GL, SQL, C, C++, Perl, Unix shells (sh, ksh, bash etc). We have an in-depth knowledge of awk, sed, and other Unix/Linux utilities. We can utilize a wide range of Open Source products, such as Perl, Apache, postgres, and MySQL.

Aubit 4GL Development

Aubit4GL is one of our core technologies. We can help develop the Aubit4GL product to meet your requirements by extended the existing functionlity or by building code to interface to it.

We can also obviously develop applications using Aubit4GL as well as help migrate your existing applications from Informix, 4Js or Querix 4GL to Aubit4GL. See our products pagefor some existing applications we have developed.

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