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 :: ODBC on Fedora9

What I used to configure Aubit

Install Fedora 9 into a 32 bit mc ( it may be a 64 bit but in that case replace all downloads with 64 bit version . I used a 32 bit one )

In Fedora 9 unixodbc 2.2.12 is already installed. ( 2.2.12 is a requirement for cool connectivity. 2.2.11 is giving problem )
( Link :

Download : unixODBC-kde-2.2.12-7.fc9.i386.rpm and install using rpm ?iv filename.rpm
Link :

It is required to manage data source in gui interface . (it may be pre installed with specific fedora / other linux installation)

Download : Vendor specific odbc driver ( in my case it is MySQL 3.51 / 5.1 )
( Link : )

Install using rpm command / tarball extraction

Configure using ODBCConfig command ( ODBCConfig then Enter to open GUI interface )

(create a DSN [ which will be used in your 4gl code in database statement ] )

Test the DSN with [ isql ?v DSN user password ]

Download : aubit4glbin-i686-pc-linux-gnu-1.10RC-41.tar ( 32 bit version binary version )
( Link : )

Extract tarfile using 'tar xvf tarfilename' in you specific-directory

Edit the specific-directory/aubitrc file for AUBITDIR= specific-directory

Set some environment variable in Fedora / Other linux installation :

export AUBITDIR=// specific-directory //
export SQLUID=your database user name
export SQLPWD= your database password
export ODBCINI=/etc/odbc.ini
export A4GL_SQLTYPE=unixodbc

you may also need to set some other variables like

export A4GL_DBDATE=DMY4/

run ./configure from specific-directory

run ./make install from specific-directory

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