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My successful procedure for use libpdf 8 with Aubit 4gl.

System: OpenSuse 11.2

1) Download newest source aubit 4gl (csv) on the 2010-02-22
2) Download tarball PDFlib-8.0.0p4-Linux-C-C++.tar.gz.on the 2010-02-22

Changes on the system:

3) export PDFLIBLICENSEFILE=$HOME/wrk/pg/save/licensekeys.txt
4) cp PDFlib-8.0.0p4-linux/bind/c/lib/libpdf.a /usr/lib/
5) cp PDFlib-8.0.0p4-linux/bind/c/include/pdflib.h /usr/include
6) edit the of source 4gl in /opt/aubit4gl/aubit4glsrc/lib/libpdf to set CC=g++ after the
7) recompiling source (make, runs now without error)
8) After installation, PDF reports are available.

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