Aubit 4GL GUI

This page is dedicated to GUI front-end for Aubit 4GL compiler

How it works: 

    see GUI chapter in Aubit 4gl Manual

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How it looks:

    (Click on icons to see full size picture)

multi-Address.gif (10526 bytes) Multi tab form, tab1

multi-Contact.gif (10579 bytes) Multi tab form, tab 2

multi-Jobs.gif (11495 bytes) Multi tab form, tab 3

radio.jpg (5726 bytes) radio.per running in VNC

widget.per running from Linux via VNC Java client on W2K.jpg (64343 bytes) widget.per running on Linux, display via VNC Java applet running inside MS Internet explorer on W2K, using Sun Plug-in JVM. Cool or what...?

FIXME: add IDE running in GUI mode

add app running on Windows

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All above forms and other GUI examples are available in source form under tools/test/ in CVS.

First GUI is done using GTK+ ( so to compile this go there and install GTK+ libraries if you don't have them already. 

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